Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Plans

Hello All!

My Summer travel begins tomorrow. Early morning flight to San Francisco, and from there to our destination - Palo Alto, California for the weekend! :-))
Returning back home for a fortnight(with a 2-days trip to Chicago in between) and then to New Jersey to visit my devil of a nephew Lil Ishaan ( yup, NC - I have a lil nephew too! He`s just a year old now :-) ) and my folks who will be visiting from India. Back home from New Jersey for a week. And then to Europe! Yup - sometimes dreams do come true :-))
But the Europe tour will not be a regular 'sight-seeing' trip. We shall visit The G`s family there and then move onto Germany for work (The G`s work ofcourse!). But we`ll be there for 3 weeks. And I`m hoping I`ll get to visit near-by places in that time. I`m hoping it`ll be an interesting trip.
So, I may be a lil erractic with my posts. Hopefully I`ll stand forgiven, considering my nomadic schedule for the next couple of mnths :-))
I promise to give some interesting updates as soon as I settle down in Palo Alto.
So keep reading! And God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a grand Indian Family reunion on the anvil.

Hope the nomadic life later brings a smile on your face.

Are you smiling enough these days?

Anonymous said...

well, now I am :-)) Thanks for the wishes. And just for my records, do I know you? :-))

surbhi said...

how lovely!!!
hope you have a great time in all these places :)
hugs to your little nephew :D

Unknown said...

Wow I am envious!!!!Have fun