Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Immortality of Man

Here`s to you, Dad. I know you`re around somewhere, quietly watching over us,as you have always done..

How foolish to weep because a glorious sun has set,
which the next morning shall anyway gild the East again.

How foolish to mourn, that a mighty strength must yield to fate.

Oh!How foolish to shrink from pain,
Yet know that without its friendly strife
Joy could never be..

To make a terror of death
Who smiling, beckons us to farther life,
Like a bridge to a persistent breath;

How foolish to rend the Heart
To Despair and Anguish and the tragic grief
Of such disastrous tears or dry set eyes;
Yet know the strength of tears and the power of its relief.

How foolish to give in to all such man`s ghastly company of fears,
Which are born of the folly
that believes the span of physical life
To be the limit of Immortal man.

Sri Aurobindo, on the Immortality of Man:
Although consenting here to a mortal body,
He is Undying; limit and bond he knows not;
For Him, the aeons are a playground,
Life and its deeds are his splendid shadow.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

April,11 2009

Thank you people,for all your prayers and wishes. I wish I could respond personally to each one of you. I dont really have the heart to that right now.
Just thought of letting you know..My Dad passed away yesterday afternoon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Updates from Dubai

Heyy.. Surprise!! :) Am waiting for the connecting flight back home at the Dubai International Airport. And realized that they have a wi-fi connection all over! :)
And I had to post this note right now.
I am so completely touched and overwhelmed by the flow of prayers and best wishes from all of you. Thank you my friends. I need all of it right now.
The Dubai airport is awesome. But I find myself a little uncomfortable. The racist that I am, I cant help feeling a little scared of the vast mob of people from all over the world - literally.
The flight from JFK to Dubai was uneventful. Could sleep throughout - needed three seats to lie flat! Is that too short or tall enough, I wonder?! The guy sitting on the fourth seat kept guzzling down beer like its going out of fashion. For most parts, it was good.
The next flight leaves in four hours. After I sign off(batteries dying), I shall sit and read 'Desirable Daughters' by BHarati Mukherjee. Anyone`s read this?
Anyway, Didnt realize I was so addicted to internet!
So long my friends. More updates later. And thank you all for thinking about me at this hour when I most need your support.