Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Immortality of Man

Here`s to you, Dad. I know you`re around somewhere, quietly watching over us,as you have always done..

How foolish to weep because a glorious sun has set,
which the next morning shall anyway gild the East again.

How foolish to mourn, that a mighty strength must yield to fate.

Oh!How foolish to shrink from pain,
Yet know that without its friendly strife
Joy could never be..

To make a terror of death
Who smiling, beckons us to farther life,
Like a bridge to a persistent breath;

How foolish to rend the Heart
To Despair and Anguish and the tragic grief
Of such disastrous tears or dry set eyes;
Yet know the strength of tears and the power of its relief.

How foolish to give in to all such man`s ghastly company of fears,
Which are born of the folly
that believes the span of physical life
To be the limit of Immortal man.

Sri Aurobindo, on the Immortality of Man:
Although consenting here to a mortal body,
He is Undying; limit and bond he knows not;
For Him, the aeons are a playground,
Life and its deeds are his splendid shadow.


neeraj_only said...

hey dear!! ..so good to hear some words from your side . I wish you get all the strength to continue life with full energy.

remain strong mishy!!

Just call me 'A' said...

take care sweetheart. condolense to you and the family/ your dad is with God now and he watches over you.

moon said...

Your thoughts nicely put..yes he is always there with you in your actions, memories etc..

Indian Homemaker said...

Oh Piper, yes I am sure he is watching over you, as he's always done...

Reflections said...

That was beautiful Piper!!!!

May God give u the strength to bear ur loss.

Fram Actual said...

Thinking of you, Piper.

Wonderful post, beautiful thoughts.

Ride the storm out and stay safe.

Deeps said...

Mishy,I'm at a loss of words after reading this tribute to your dad.
I'm sure wherever you dad is,now,he must be truly proud of you.
My hugs to you!

May God always bless you and your family:)

D said...

Beautifully written Piper.

There will always be grief when we lose a dear one and why not? We have spent so many precious moments with that person, it's natural we'll miss him. But to know that this is the cycle of life and not the tragic ending we think it to be is the greatest consolation of all.

Poonam J said...

At times like this, one is at a total loss of words.Am sorry to read about your dads passing over.I empathise with you Piper, you rightly say...How foolish to weep because a glorious sun has set...Thats so true..to have lived full, interesting lives not many are fortunate enough.
As a child loosing a parent at any age is hard. The void shall remain, but then so shll they in our hearts forever. Praying for his soul, and strength for all of you, especially your mum.

Jira said...

Oh ..Piper..
This was so touching... He sure is watching over you....

Piper .. said...

Neeraj, Just Call me A, Sunder: Thanks a lot for your wishes. It means a lot to me.

IHM: :) I know he is..

Reflections: Thank you Nancy. I guess it`ll take a while, but we`re getting there slowly..

Fram: :) me too,Fram. Miss reading your posts. Shall get to it one of these days.

Deeps: :) hugs to you too. We`ll be fine, dont worry. How`s the lil one?

Piper .. said...

D: thanks. Exactly what I meant, only you`ve put it better :)

Poonam mam: Ohh Mam, thanks for your lovely words and prayers. I guess we`ll be fine. Just need some time out.. How are you doing?

Jira: thank you. I know he is :) are you back full time on the blogosphere? How was your thesis?

Rose said...

My mums dad and my dads mum were in-laws and friends. At my parents wedding, they danced together and the photographer caught that moment - my gran in her green sari and my grandpop in his awesome fluffy suit. They both died the following year.
Almost 30 years and quite a few grandchildren later....we all know and love the story that my mum tells...of my granny and grandpa dancing in heaven...in her green sari and him in his suit. I never met them, but they are so dear to me, even in death. Keep your chin up P...he's watching and he's proud.

Solilo said...

Mish, I am at loss of words.

I just wish and hope that your family esp. your mom and you get the strength to get back to your life and remembering your Dad who is always watching over you.


Salina said...


So so sorry....you have been on my mind constantly. I pray for all the strength and wisdom that God can grant you and yours during this difficult time. I put your name on my prayer card in church. I hope you continue your growth and discover what you truly are made of- find and be your Authentic Self.

You have and will do your Dad proud!

Love, warm hugs, and xoxo,

Piper .. said...

Rose: :) what a beautiful love story this is! One you can think of and instantly smile :) Thanks for dropping by and for your warm words of support. God knows, I need it all :)

Solilo : hugs back. Yes, its taking a while. But we`ll get there I`m sure. How`s the lil one doing?

Salina: Ohh thank you so much, my friend. And I did start some amount of yoga. Actually not so much yoga, as meditation. But its healing..

Indyeah said...

you have said it beautifully...how foolish to weep because a glorious sun has set....

a life well lived and well loved...what more could he ask for?a life surrounded by loved ones...

wherever he is he is smiling as he reads your words...he knows he is loved....

Renu said...

Piper..at such time, one feels that words dont work, and a loss like this cant be compensated by anything, only time is the biggest healer.I still miss my dad I lost 15 years back, but now I have learnt to remember him happily, without crying.and i know that he is somewhere happy to know that his children are living happily, because our parents just want to see us happy wherever they are.

Piper .. said...

Indyeah: :) yes, A life well lived. I shall do a post on this someday..how he touched so many lives in so many different ways and yet, I came to know only in the face of death. Hugs to you too. I miss reading you. Someday soon, I promise, I shall be back :)

Renu: I know what you mean.. I hope someday I shall be able to remember happy memories with a smile :) How have you been?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are back. And what a beautiful touching poem. Your best I think. It has to be, given that the inspiration is your wonderful dad. Take care of yourself.

Piper .. said...

writerzblock: :) I thought of writing to you a few times, just didnt happen. Thank you for asking me to write again. You know, its actually been healing :)

Solilo said...

Mish, Good to see you back. Waiting to read about your post on your Dad.

Unknown said...

First of all a big hug and then needless to say my prayers with you and your family. I remember uncle from the annual concerts and PTMs and pick ups or drop offs at birthday parties.
As said in Geeta , death is like shedding old clothes for new ones...soul is immortal and hence u r right ..how foolish to weep for a glorious sun has set..
Strength to u and your sister but most of all to your mom. I say a special prayer for her tonight.

Piper .. said...

Solilo: :) Its still a lil difficult to write more about Dad. But I`ll getting back to normal blogging in a while. I do miss reading you. Someday soon I`ll be back :)

Chrysalis: heyy thanks. I guess I do need all your prayers, especially for mom.

Sukhaloka said...

That's a beautiful tribute. I hope you slowly manage to live with the memories without pain, to rejoice in the life that was lived, and look back on the past year with some equanimity.
Again, big hugs.
Are you in town? I'm free(well, on study leave) till 16th, so do get in touch if you want some company.

Piper .. said...

Suki: heyy thanks kiddo! :) I guess we shall be fine. Just a matter of time.. Not in Kolkata. But shall be on the 18th. Will call you up then. You try Studying during the leave(ahem!)until then :)

Amrita said...

Take care Piper..... Your dad's in peace now..

Poonam J said...

Hope all is well with you and yours ...get back to blogging. U are missed

Indian Homemaker said...

Just came back to say take care Piper. My prayers are with you. Stay strong.

Piper .. said...

Amrita: thanks :) I`m sure he is

Poonam Mam: I have tried.. still not upto it mam. Maybe someday soon.. :(

IHM: Thanks for remembering me :) It feels nice :)

Just call me 'A' said...

Piper dearest come back to blogging. i'm sure i say this for everyone, "we miss you". it will help to just get down to doing some of these things again.

Indyeah said...

Do come back soon Piper..you are being missed so..


Piper .. said...

Just call me A , Indyeah : Thanks so much for remembering me. I`m back home but not on track yet.. Hopefully someday soon.. How have you all been?