Monday, July 13, 2009

You and I..

The sun bursts through the darkness.
The sky,a downy, feathery mesh or such like..
The wind whistles through the distant pines.
Zinnias blossom.
Birds chirp. A teapot boils over. A baby smiles.
Children play with cutaway plastic tambourines.
Life goes on.
And then there`s You and I.
Not afraid of shadows. Not even of the dark anymore.
Sometimes flaky. Sometimes childlike.
But mostly slower. More programmed.
No tunnels of escape.
Comforted by the sound of music in hot cups of coffee;
And the smell of faraway lands.
Dewy nights. Quivering lips. And a blanket of stars.
Thirty two miles closer. Thirty five nights apart.
One teardrop meets another. A wilting smile slowly ebbs..
Words tumble in the mind like marbles in a game of rolley hole.
While some get cached in heartbeats.
Mist laden dreams dangle on a silver moonbeam.
While lonely shores are washed by fire.
A smothered wail. A torpid mind.
A wavering soul. A skittish laugh.
Lines of fate twirl around. A slow tango to the beat.
Blue skies. Deep eyes.
And then there`s You and I.
Poised on a silver thread,ambling along. A peregrine. A peasant. Fostering your dreams under the moon. Spraying them with tears and sweat. Corralling the sunbeams in your fist lest they dry those dreams away.
And I.
Sifting junk from old memories that sit and smirk.Some stink. Some smile. While I pour myself a glass of red wine and wait for the sun to rise.


SD said...

Wow! This is amazing Piper. Beautiful.

Miss M said...

"One teardrop meets another. A wilting smile slowly ebbs.."


moon said...

i am bit poor in understanding poems......

By the way in Just Call me A, blog regarding bodyodour, i have commented saying PIPER can throw more light being a physician...but your comment also followed on the same lines of see my comment there and give your prespective as a physician..

Anonymous said...

This is so lovely Piper. Almost like a painting :-)

Fram Actual said...

This young lady is growing wings and learning to fly as a poet.

It is a deep poem, I think, and sad, but realistically sad. There is no better way to climb out of a pit created by a tragic event, like the death of a father, than to begin to express oneself through poetry. It untangles the emotions and frees the spirit. It eventually leads to a renewal of life.

Keep it up, Piper.

Solilo said...


Indyeah said...

This is so beautiful Piper!

absolutely beautiful..what a way with words you have ...

I am in awe..

Fram actual is right...
there's no better way than to write.

it does free one's spirit .....
and most of all
you will find your own self in the words somewhere...


Unknown said...

Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! Can I just sigh and not say more...beautiful...sigh!

Piper .. said...

GM: :) well, its pretty amateurish. Just trying my hand at something new.

Miss M: :) thanks!

Sunder: You didnt understand because it pbly never made much sense anyway! :) I`m so new at this. Its not poetry at all.. but just a poor attempt. Ok I shall go back and comment again :0

writerzblock: perhaps my friend, a poor imitation of a painting if you insist on calling it that. :) Its the best I could come up with.

Piper .. said...

Fram: :):) well, just trying out something new. Writing poetry is tough. I dont think I have it in me, Fram. But I shall not quit :):)

Solilo: :) Thanks for the encouragement, though I think this post couldve been a lil more polished.

Indyeah: I guess both of you are right. Its pbly therapeutic at some levels, but only if you can manage to pour your heart out. I for one, am completely amateurish. But I guess I shall keep trying until I get it just right. Hugs to you too. :)

Chrysalis: :):) you flatter me! I have been thinking about your post. Havent been able to formulate a reply. Shall do so in good time..

Smitha said...

Wow! That was so beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Piper .. said...

Smitha, IHM: Thank you so much :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

OMG!! This is brilliant!


Totally loved this!

Piper .. said...

M4: :):) you made my day! This particular attempt at poetry/prose didnt particularly go down well with the readers I guess.. But it did take me an effort to write this much. Guess I dont have it in me to write poetry. You of course do! And you are brilliant at it. I`ve been reading your poetry on the blog.