Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Things

The Chic Geek asked me in a comment about my 'favorite simple pleasures'. It set me thinking. Simple things that make me happy. What better way to spend an afternoon than to think of the things that I love. Of things I can think of and suddenly smile. So here goes, even though The Chic Geek seems to have covered most of mine in her own list!

1. Sunshine and colorful gift wrappers
2. A hot cup of coffee and a cinnamon coffee cake
3. Children playing in the rain.
4. Children playing.
5. Plastic tambourines and a goldfish bowl
6. Warm fleece slippers and a blue comforter
7. A good book ; A lazy afternoon
8. A coffee shop; A snow mobile
9. Shrimps ; Smell of sauted onion in cinnamon-cardamom spice mix
10. The smile of a two year old
11. Bumble bees and Yellow flowers
12. A Nose Pin
13. Warm sand and Stars on a moonless night
14. Soft music, A wooden guitar and Old photographs
15. Smell of fresh baked bread
16. Thunder, Dogs and A black dress
17. Handycams and Food Processors
18. Old letters, White stationary and Photo frames
19. Baby clothes, See-saws and Warm hugs
20. A bubble bath, A hot oil massage
21. Cigarettes, Vodka in orange Juice and Motorbikes
22. Molten chocolate cake
23. A log cabin; A Piano
24. Meatballs , Mangoes
25. A long drive, A snowstorm

That`s about all I cant think of right now. Its a pretty honest compilation of my favorite things. Does it say anything about the person I am?

P.S - It took me less than 5 minutes to think of about 40 things that always make me smile. Small things. Magic things.
And yet, for an entire lifespan I have been roaming around,a lost soul,in search of peace. In search of happiness..
Can I therefore conclude that Happiness is simply a state of mind? That circumstances dont bring happiness, but the way I choose to react to them, does? That every time I feel unhappy, bitter, angry or discontent, I should know that I always have a choice. That I can choose to remain bitter and unhappy, or I can fall back on this list and choose to feel happy? Happy to be alive. Happy being me. Happy Just Because...


Unknown said...

I believe Happiness is a state of mind. We can choose to be happy or sad. Wetake decisions whihc have the ability to make us happy sad or so not at peace.
I am so with you on the coffee, log cabin, coffee, molten chocolate cake, book...Nose Pin??didn't get that one...U wearing one these days?

Sraboney said...

I'm amazed that you came up with such a long list in such a short time...People don't really think of simple things that make them happy - they always think of complicated stuff like if the spouse brought them flowers etc. ...

Sunshine said...

i totally agree with that!

my mom used to say this all the time, "don't give the reins to your happines in some1 else's hands...they should always be with u! u shud decide when u want to be happy and when u dont!" :)

Passionate Goof said...

Aaah! For the simple pleasures in life, they make us happier than the traditional BIG things, don't they? lazy afternoons , good books, and soothing instrumental notes........ wow!

Iya said...

if i made such a list it would be just like yours, there are quite a few elements that match..

Renu said...

Yes I firmly believ that happiness is your stae of mind, and is directly proportional to your attitude and reaction to your circumstances.

In ur list 7th one is heaven to me also and I also like long idyllic drives thru scenic places:)

PI said...

i liked your list. i love a lot of those things,too.
and yes, you can almost always choose to be happy. it's just that making the choice is sometimes very hard

Miss M said...

Happiness really is a state of mind. :) Almost all the things in that list make me happy too! Specially "a hot cup of coffee and a cinnamon coffee cake". :D

Anonymous said...

YaY !Am I first???

Btw, you are bang on! Happiness is indeed Right Here, Right Now, rather than 'I'll be happy when....'.

Another favourite tagline of mine is: Live Life King Size.

I loved the little things that make you happy. Most of them make me happy too :-) I just need to replace the 'Vodka' with some 'Cider' ;-)

Have a happy weekend, Mishy!

Smitha said...

I agree too, Happiness is a state of mind.. We could choose to be happy or not.. And I loved your list - barring the nose pin, though..
cinnamon coffee cake - I need to lay hand on some now!

Fram Actual said...

For years, Piper, my position has been that happiness is momentary and temporary. Enjoy those minutes or days or months when it is part of you, and strive for it when it is not present.

Call me when the bread is ready.

Anonymous said...

Yes,. indeed happiness is a state of mind!! I strongly beleive in being happy... just because!! If I cant do anything about the situation... then no point being unhappy.. and if there is something i can do.. I might as well do it.. and be happy!!

It takes very little to be happy!! So just be happy! And remember you deserve to be happy!

Piper .. said...

Chrysalis: Nose pin yes! Not wearing one anymore :):) But now that you remind me, maybe I shall :)

Sraboney: yes, I was amazed too. Once I started thinking about it, it all came so easy! Your comment has made me think. Shall sort out those thoughts in a subsequent post.

Sunshine: Completely agree with your mom. You are the Boss in your own factory of happiness. I only wish I could remember that more often :)

Passionate Goof: :):) I loveeeeee your new name! :):)

Iya: And that`s the funny part. Almost all the posts I read on simple pleasures seem to carry common elements, even though the people may be poles apart by nature! Food for thought,dont you think? :)

Renu: I realized that only while writing this post! That circumstances arent good or bad. Only one`s reaction to those circumstances pbly make it good or bad!

Piper .. said...

pseudo intellectual: you`re right. Sometimes its easy to forget that the choice is ours to make! :) How`ve you been my friend? long time..

Miss M: :):) I`m addicted to coffee cakes! :):) If you saw me, you`d say that it definitely shows!

writerzblock: :):) Hey no, you`re not first :( I know, I know! Right now. Right here. I only wish I could remember that more often!

Smitha: :) you dont like nose pins?? :) I would wear one in college and after that too,until I got married! Maybe I should start again :) I find them quite cool!

Fram: Completely agree! Happiness is momentary. But its also a choice to allow ourselves the freedom to ignore some, while enjoying the rest.
:):) I like people who like bread :)

Patricia: yeah, that`s what The G always says. If there`s nothing I can do about it, might as well not brood. Try and be happy just because! :)

TheChicGeek said...

Awwww, Piper, I am so happy that my post made you think of simple happy things :D I know just making my list made me smile and feel good and thinking about you feeling happy making your list...the icing on my cake! I believe happiness is a choice we make every day and when we are down isn't it lovely to have the mindset to open our eyes to the beauty and simple small things around us that are good and right!
Your list is beautiful and I especially love your #13, warm sand and stars on a moonless night! I have forgotten those for a while and you have reminded me of happy times under the stars dreaming of future things to come :D
Have a Super Wonderful Weekend!

Piper .. said...

The ChicGeek: Ohh I dont get to see much sand here in the Twin Cities. But stars yes! We often sit in the backyard at night and watch the stars, when the whole world goes to sleep. Nothing more comforting than a quiet night sky,dont you think? :):) You have a great weekend too!

moon said...

You started with simple pleasures..
and concluded with happiness...

what you have mentioned are simple pleasures as u have stated.

pleasures and happiness are different..pleasure can be termed as state of mind...but to me , i wont term happiness as state of mind?

You are happy on attaining some thing you believed you wanted to happiness is not state of mind....

in case if somebody did not get what they want, they can be content and be happy ..but that is not real happiness which you strived for in the beginning...

i was googling sometime back on aristotle...may be this link can throw more light on happiness..

Meghana Naidu said...

oh! i loved the list.
soft poetry running through it
and the tone of the post is one of survival,clarity and hope
glad to see that

Unknown said...

Piper: Me wearing one ..a nose pin that is ...maybe you should too ...we will be the friends in nose pins :))

Piper .. said...

Sunder: I have to disagree. Simple pleasures make me happy. Period. I did strive to win a contest, to get a good rank, to get in the college music team. All of that made me happy. But so does waking up in the morning to find a bright sunny day. So did sitting under the sky and strumming on my guitar. Money makes me happy too. But one cant quantify happiness just like that. Its a very subjective term. What makes me happy, might not make you happy. Let me read through the link you provided. I shall get back to you on this.

Meghna: :) why thank you! :) You just made my day :)

Chrysalis: :) Let me go find it right now!

Amrita said...

:) :)
happiness of course is a state of mind..
and think about happy things to feel happy
thats why i believe dont buy things, buy experiences :) cos they actually enrich u...
happy to hear things tht make u happy
take care dearie

Deeps said...

Yes absolutely,Mishy.the circumstances dont bring happiness,its the way we react to them that does.
I loved your list BTW.
3. Children playing in the rain...why only children,wouldnt it be heavenly if we just tagged along and got wet with them?? :))

14.Soft music, A wooden guitar and Old photographs...nostalgic!

15. Smell of fresh baked bread...hmmmmm!

19. Baby clothes, See-saws and Warm hugs...Awwwww!

20. A bubble bath, A hot oil bliss!

Piper .. said...

Amrita: :):) sometimes buying things make me very happy too :):)

Deeps: :)I knew you`d relate to some of them :) havent been reading my fav blogs :( shall have some time today. I see a new post on your blog!

Roop Rai said...

i am amazed that you came up with these things so easily. i honestly can't think of many. i should do this. you're right ... happiness is a state of mind that you have full control over. good to see you talking about it. :) hope all's getting better .... time is the best healer. :)

Piper .. said...

Roop: Heyy yes, its a great exercise! I havent been in touch. Havent visited your space in a while now. How have you been? Long time..

Anonymous said...

I think happiness is a habit. Some of us are just generally easily made happy, some get used to complaining. I loved your list and many of these things would have been a part of my list too... a good book and a lazy afternoon, sounds balmy and delightfully relaxing :)

Piper .. said...

IHM: I guess I`m that kind of a person who`s just got comfortable cribbing and crying! But I`m trying to be happy! :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Lovely list!! You have quite a few favourites of mine on that list of yours!!

And does your list say anything about you? You bet it does, in a word -- babies!! Something, on your mind, dear?


Piper .. said...

M4: keep guessing :):)