Monday, June 23, 2014

Pieces of me..

One more week before D-Day. It’s astounding, how the outcomes of a 5 hour test determines what I will or will not be doing for the rest of my life! It is frustrating at so many levels, I have lost count now. It’s one thing competing with millions at a national level when one is a starry eyed 18 year old. But I am way past that age, am I not? Over time, the rosy idealism of the 18 year old has slowly given way to real-world considerations. And fear of the unknown now prevails. All pervading. Nauseas. Because you truly understand what’s at stake here. 
Anyhow, with the G away for 2 weeks, it was getting lonesome. So I took off with my camera last evening. And I figured I’d post a few pictures of what I saw. I guess the beauty of these pictures lie, not in technique, but simply the fact that they were all taken at home (except the railway tracks - 1 block from home). That’s what I love about the camera. It takes seemingly mundane objects and transforms them into something magical.. Not to sound narcissistic or anything :):) but I do hope you love them as much as I do :) Enjoy! 

Note: These were taken as part of a class assignment. We had to take pictures of everything that we saw, things that define us etc. There are many more. But I'm just posting some of my favorites ones here. 
This one's special. The red and gold jewelry signifies my 'Indian-ness' and the fact that  I am married. Plus, these earrings  are from my grand mother's wedding (passed on to me)..
Candles that I light every evening... Dad's picture in the background

My old guitar, now yellowed over time..

This gorgeous babe lives in my backyard with its family!

Shadows cast by the rising sun.

Taken in the back yard right after an afternoon shower.

One block away from home. I love this picture. It reminds me of the long journey ahead. 


Amrita said...

Good luck sweets.. i wish the same pizzazz of an 18 year old comes back to you and makes this new journey ever so fun! Keep posting. And once again all the very best!

Piper .. said...

Thanks so much Amrita! :) I need it so much!

my space said... good to see you back ...i m sure whats best for you will come to you. I love the pics
Do what your heart tells you...its a journey so make sure its one that you enjoy..

Piper .. said...

My Space: I am so, so sorry - I don't know how I missed this comment! Better late than never, I suppose! Please accept my apologies. It is wonderful to see you here :) Thanks so much for your warm words. How have you been?