Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twist of fate..

I haven't replied to the comments on the previous post because I haven't sorted out my own thoughts yet. I`ll get there soon, I hope. Until then, let me leave you with this..

He allures me with a smile.
Or happy.
Stings me with his tears.
Water bubbles.
Or lead pellets.
And unabashed.
Beguiles me with his eyes.
And empty.

A rock.
Or a cloudy maze.
And arcane.
And I,
A marionette.
A cotton fluff.
Or such-like.
I am modeled. Forged. Stashed.
Any which way he wants.
And he skips from one form to the other,

He, My mind..
A two-edged sword, thus.
Rips me apart.
Slashes me in two.
One half kneels by his side. Head bowed down. Arms up in surrender.
The other turns her back and walks.
Blithe. Unruffled. Unconcerned.
Clouds of fate flit around silent prayers for mercy.
While He, My Mind,
sipping silvery, soulful vodka in a white plastic cup,
looks out at those clouds and smirks.


Passionate Goof said...

Speechless! Your writing skills are amazing Piper. This seems like a professional's work. Really!

Chatterbox said...

Beautiful play with words :)
Keep up the wonderful work.


Piper .. said...

Goof: You`re always so generous with your compliments!! :):) You`re good for my ego! :):)

Chatterbox: Thanks so much! Hope you visit again :)

Sagarika said...

"soulful vodka in a white plastic cup, looks out at those clouds and smirks" .. there couldn't be any better words than to describe the lightheaded feeling that a low yet intoxicated mood brings about, when each sip is preceeded and suceeded with a sigh, a smirk a half smile and a blank stare!
Was introduced to your blog formally yesterday by GM and as usual she's right when she says your work is superb! Keep writing!

Piper .. said...

Sagarika: :):) welcome to my space! And thanks a lot for the warm comment! I cant help but smile at the familiar reactions you`ve written about. I meant a little bit of that as well as the fact that I really did sip vodka from a plastic cup that afternoon and smirk at 'the clouds of fate' :):)
Do visit again! :)