Friday, September 25, 2009

Words smash against each other.
Bowling pins crashing frame after frame.
The clamor of a perfect strike slicing through the soul.
Chronicles of the past carelessly strewn.
Irrelevant. Ill-timed. Inapt.
Creeping tendrils of Thoughts.
Some twirl around the tongue and snarl.
Others drift.
A coiling miasma.
Pervading. Nauseating. Gagging.
Tears plunge down to the lips, sit there and smirk.
Refusing to stay. Refusing to move.
Spikes of rage abate.
Molten lead dumped into ice.
Scared whimpers wrench the mind; twist it into a crushed pretzel,
And mindless crumbs fill the emptiness.
Then,Fear takes over.
Freezing the fringes into an iron chain swung hard.
Whiplashed again. And again.
Explosive paroxysms. Bitter ache. And a slow dying.
Bit by bit.
Piece by piece.
And yet I find no weight. Nor resistance.
Just familiar. Just self spun. And routine.
Amidst them I stand; A doleful spectator
On my knees and begging,
Collecting pieces of lucid illusions(now broken, decayed..)
that I once helped create.


Indian Home Maker said...

Chronicles of the past carelessly strewn.

Collecting pieces of lucid illusions(now broken, decayed...
that I once helped create.


Fram Actual said...

I am glad I am not in a classroom being called upon to present my interpretation of your words, Piper. This might sound feeble and old-fashioned, but remember, it is the darkest just before the dawn.

Jira said...

There were so many layers, so many levels to those words...
Just like our minds, which are serpentine labyrinths with thoughts abound....

If despair is what you feel, then there is always hope around my friend...

SC said...

This is not to be read silently. Try speaking it. I worked the words around in my mouth - some so sharp they cut the tongue - until they were ready to be let out. Bravo!

Sunshine said...

u know im not sure what context you meant this in since im not too good at understanding poetry...but somehow the sentences sort of merged and made perfect sense to my situation right now!

i guess thats the beauty of a good poem? to appear different to different people?

that was heart-wrenching!

Solilo said...

Mish, so many lines are so touching. It is painful. :(

Beautifully penned!

Reflections said...

:-(.....what happened????

Anonymous said...

Vivid, and beautiful! Disturbing, too. Keep writing, Mish!

Just call me 'A' said...

wow mish....the poem is really very well's a different thing though that it has lots of underlying current of darkness and despair....but through the darkness comes light and when there is light there is hope....

Deeps said...

that was so heartwrenching to read,Mish :)

Could feel your pain in the words you penned.

Hugs always!

Pesto Sauce said...

Been here first time....liked your stuff

Anil P said...

Creeping tendrils of thought. How very visual is the construct, visual and identifiable to any who reads it.

Reflections said...

So...what is keeping u away???? Get back soon:-))!!!!

Piper .. said...

Everyone: Thank you so much for the comments. This was written during one of my dark moments. I guess I`ve managed to see some light now. I always do.

Anil, Pesto Sauce: Sorry for the delayed response, but welcome to my space! :) It`s nice to know people still me :)

J P Joshi said...

Good to know that you are heading towards the full moon again. This was a poem written on a new-moon night... it is too full of despair, loneliness and pain; the whole world experiences that, and then we start heading towards the full moon. Nothing lasts... everything is transitory.. including our lives... faith is what gets one where we belong. Keep faith in His wisdom...