Friday, September 18, 2009

A bit of this..A bit of that!

It feels strange to be back to my fav coffee shop,writing again. Almost like returning back home after a really longggg vacation.I dont know what I`ll be writing about.I dont really have an agenda; So let this be a bullet post.
***I met the G`s collegue and his wife at someone`s bday party. And the wife pretended she`s never met me before! The truth is that we have been to their place for dinner TWICE! Either she`s a super bitch who was trying to convey what perfect 'non-entities' The G and I were. Or she entertains so much that its difficult for her to remember all her guests! Whatever the reason, it left a bitter undertaste. And I`m in no hurry to attend another 'office' party again!
NOTE: Thanks to Sols, I now know she`s pbly sick(yes,literally so!)

*** A cousin`s wife has gone crazy uploading their family pics on social networking sites. It would have been one happy collection, but for the fact that her pose in each picture makes me sick. Who dangles sunglares over the front buttons(unfastened) and sticks each thumb inside the trouser pockets(sometimes even latches them 'casually'!) and stands like the Queen of Sheeba, fingers splayed out over the ample thighs, just to make the stark white stripes on the sides of the trousers stand out in contrast?? Who does it?? And ohh dear me, WHY??!! It makes my blood boil. The G says,"Ignore. Dont see them if it makes you so mad,". How can I not, when each day there are 100 pictures literally smothering my webpage?
Disclaimer: Normally I would never discuss looks and attires. Never ever.But then again, I have my moments!

*** We had a neighbourhood potluck party which was awesome - more so because we finally met our original home owners - the ones who made the house that we now own,from scratch. He(lets call him P.O) is an ex-fighter pilot of the US AirForce who fought during the World War 2 and she is a homemaker now. They are such warm,wonderful people and they so reminded me of my grandpa.
Along with Subhash Chandra Bose`s Indian National Army(or the Azad HInd Fauj), my Grandpa fought for the freedom of our country from the Britishers,1943 onwards. Incidentally the INA(and my Grandpa) fought against the Allied forces - the side P.O was fighting for!!. I had a fabulous time hearing P.O`s tales. Imagine talking to someone like that! He is the history we read about!!
I never missed my grandpa so bad.
Incidentally I have several books and memoirs that grandpa wrote - a beautiful legacy that he`s left behind.

***I finally started driving lessons. Yes, finally after three years of dilly-dallying and utter disregard(read lassitude) for the unwavering requests by The G! And guess what suddenly brought about the change?
The fact that my sister has started driving(licence et al)!!
The G was aghast at the rivalry I still feel towards my kid sister(who is no longer a kid but has a kid of her own,whom she has to drive to play school and hence the licence!)!
"Whatever works," he said.
And so its been uneventful so far, but for minor ripples. Like the time I drove the car over someone`s lawn at 12 in the night and had their dog literally rip me apart, but for the fact that I was inside the car! Seriously!
That and the fact that I stopped at a busy intersection while taking a right turn because I forgot to accelerate(I had practiced turning in a parking lot with the brakes on and no acceleration!)!! Other than that and a near hysterical G, its been great!

***It is Mahalaya today; 5 months and 8 days now since Dad left us.
I remember Oh so fondly of how we would wake up to 'Birendra Krishna Bhadra`s Mahisasura Mardini'. Mom Dad would sit around the radio, chatting up over hot cups of tea, while my sister and I would lazily snuggle inside the blankets and let the music soak our souls. Later Dad would bring fresh,hot jalebis from the market and we would have it over breakfast.
Today is yet another Mahalaya. A year back, if anyone would have asked me to think of a Mahalaya without Dad, without jalebis, without the radio, I would have dismissed it off as a crazy thought. BUt here I am,struggling to find a sense of peace, while all that I loved and cared for,slowly seems to ebb away..
I wont say it has been easy. But I have been making conscious efforts. Efforts not to cry or despair. Not to always grieve over what I have now lost. BUt rejoice over what I have gained all my life. Its not easy. But I am trying.
So today morning, over 'Mahisasura Mardini'(A tape which Dad gifted me JUST LAST YEAR!!Did he know he would be gone?), I prepared a batter for the jalebis and left them on the counter top to ferment.
Things are not what they used to be. But then again, neither am I.

Life does goes on, you know. And so must I..

Ohh and did anyone notice that my Indirank has fallen from 79 to 71 to 63? Is it even important? And if it is, just how low do you think I`ll stoop? :):)

That`s all for now. More later.. Have a fabulous weekend,People!


Just call me 'A' said...

Shubho Mahalaya Mish....have a fab Pujo. should attend the office party again....and when you see that go all snob and say, " must be new, I don't remember seeing you at these oarty before" ;) lol...ok ok..I'm evil!

you can choose to hide that woman's updates on facebook...that way you'll not see anything about her :)

take care and enjoyyy the driving

Just call me 'A' said...

my indiblogger rank when from 51 to 54...i wonder why??

Sraboney said...

I didn't know it was Mahalaya today...So, Puja is a week away...

How were you getting around without a car?

mummyjaan said...

=It's a bullet post, right?

=Good luck with the driving. You'll be great after a few lessons; after that's it's important to 'practise', the more you drive, the more confident you will become.

=Does Indirank matter? It's based on popularity and also takes into account the frequency of blog posting, so if you don't update regularly it may slip. They said I was a 65 - I believe my blog is better than that, but then my posting schedule is absolutely chaotic :)!

=As to missing your Dad, all I can say is: *hugs*.

Destiny's child... said...

My first visit here.
Lol..yeah, sometimes its really irritating to have a 1000 photographgs cramming your webpage. Then, how did the jalebis come off? :)

Take care.

Renu said...

Wish you a happy pooja !

For that lady at party ignore such pseudo snobs, they are not worth it..must join other office party and enjoy.

In US even I find it living difficult without driving, it makes you so immovable:(....

So what are you planning to wear Shashthi onward?...

Meghana Naidu said...

there's always something here that makes me smile, and that is enough reason to keep coming back :)

even though it might very well be a seminar on 'how to raise chickens'(children-husband et al) for a potato farmer(me).

hehehehe ;)

Piper .. said...

Just call me A: hey not facebook but orkut. Can you seriously do that??
Your other tip has been noted for future use ;) :)

Sraboney: Yes, Pujo is from the 25th onwards. Any celebrations at Singapore? As for getting along without a car - I have had a full-time chauffeur, you see - The G!! :):) And then, there are buses..for times when The G just about loses it!

mummyjaan: Heyy long time.. So nice to see you back :) And yes, I guess the indirank does depend on the frequency of posts as well. But I guess it`s not really important :)

Destiny`s Child: Welcome to my space! :) the jalebis turned out great! They looked like real jalebis too! :):) Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back again :)

Piper .. said...

Renu: I do have a couple of new sarees which I`m planning to wear :) This time, for a change, the puja here has coincided with the actual puja dates - as it falls over the weekend :)

Meghna: :):) you flatter me! :):) Great to see you again! How have you been?

Reflections said...

Nice post....enjoyed it:-))!!!
Good luck on the driving & I say it very earnestly & sincerely...Wht I cdnt achieve I enthusiastically encourage my blog sister to strive for...U wont believe it but my next post is just on tht;-D

I've noticed these Indiranks on most blogs now. I didnt know these ranks kept changing....somehow thought once given it was forever;-/

Sraboney said...

No plans for Puja...How about u?

Solilo said...

Mish, So good to see you back. Ha..ha.. at G's wife being SICK.

It was great reading about your Gpa.

All the best for driving! and have at at Durga Puja.

How are your plants?

Rose said...

Good to have you back! Sometimes, the funnest part about checking out other ppls pics are the comments you make in your head. Especially if you have a good friend with you - try it!

Indiblogger- meh.

Thank goodness for the old times and the memories no? *big hug*

Anonymous said...

Lovely newsy post, enjoyed reading it. Can totally empathise with meeting the superbitch who refused to recognize you. I know loads of such self-important asses. Best way, cut them off. Ignore them! That'll teach them a lesson.
Congrats on beginning driving classes...I havent had the courage to attempt that (among many other things) yet. Wow! About your grandpa. Kudos to our freedom fighters. Loved the way you said, your landlord is part of the history we read about. God bless, Mish!
P.S: are u on Facebook?

Anonymous said...

About Indirank, no it doesnt matter that much, as rating is also based on frequency of posts. Given a choice, I would rather see a blog with one sensible post a month, than 5-6 incoherent posts.

And the best blogs / favourite blogs may not even appear on Indiblogger. So, I guess its a nice-to-have.

soulsearchingdays said...

Hi, Great post, straight from heart. Could feel your feelings just bang on, keep connecting. Rekha

Sunshine said...


all the best with the driving!

ohh i so badly wanna eat garam jalebis rite now! its been forever since i had them!

anyways i don think the indirank thing matters long as u have people who still wait for u to post so we can read! :)

Smitha said...

Happy Pujas!

Learning driving from hubby is always a no no :)

That woman at the party has serious issues! How snobbish can one be?

As for weird poses in Orkut/FB - Take it as free entertainment :)

And you have made me want to eat jalebis too! Do post the pics if you took any :)

Lakshmi said...

Piper, nice to read the bits.
Good luck with driving. My hubby was my teacher in driving and good for us it was during the first 3 months of marriage(a time when we were at our best to each other!) that we survived!
Sorry about your dad Piper. You have beautifully written about your memories with him.
I am sure the jalebis were great.

Unknown said...

Hey Shubh Pujo to you. Carry on Dad's legacy and eat some hot jalebis.

Did I not tell u never ever to take driving lessons from the Hubby. A very pregnant me while doing so and in midst of a fight actually threatened to empty my bladder all over his precious car. Thats how bad it can get. Learn it and get a license you will love the freedom that comes with it.

BTW whats a indirank whatever?

Piper .. said...

Reflections: Nancy, so looking fwd to reading it! :)

Sraboney: Its a three days event here over the weekend. But we shall be attending only on Saturday. NO elaborate plans really..

Solilo: The G`s wife is NOT sick, Sols!! The G`s wife is ME!!! :):) And yes, I have some pretty interesting stories of grandpa. Should write about that sometime..

Rose: Try it??? I always do it(mostly in my head, though!!) :):) Hugs back.

Writerzblock: Hey Pal, you know the previous home-owner(not landlord) is almost 92!! Can you imagine that? Of course he`s that history! :):) And you`re right - better to post meaningful ones than incoherent scribbles everyday :) Unless you really have something to IHM. I enjoy reading her posts everyday! Her blog is addictive! :)

Piper .. said...

Soul speaks(Rekha): Thank you for dropping by and welcome to my space. I do hope you visit again :)

Sunshine: you`re being too sweet :) I dont kid myself into believing that, though its a warm thought - the fact that people actually sit around and wait for my posts :):)

Smitha: :):)I didnt take pictures! Now that you mention, I shouldve. Next time for sure! :)

Lakshmi: You are one lucky girl, I tell ya! The G and I are at loggerheads over learning to drive! Oh God, men can be paranoid, I tell ya girl! :):)

Chrysalis: hee hee you didnt really do it, did ya??? :):) I`m desperate to learn now. I`m dying to be independent again! :) Happy Puja to you too. New Jersey has lots of great pujos I`ve heard.

J P Joshi said...

Being a man, I will take the safest route through the "bit of this .. and bit of that". Getting a driving licence is a good idea. Get your licence first; and then learn driving with the hubby - the schools only get you ready for the licence - speaking from experience.

Piper .. said...

J P Sir: Spoken like a true Man! :):) Advice taken. Infact both of us were thinking the same thing :):)

Amrita said...

Nice read :)
Hope you get a chance to get snobby snob with the party female - I know does not serve a purpose but then would nt mind getting even either :)

Ah!! Driving lessons from the husband! The idea is a bit terrifying :) Remember dads classes for mom - she too proclaimed the same :)

And are nt you entertained by such ludicrous pics in orkut and all - i loveeeeeee them :D *evil*

Take care and yea do post some memoirs of ur grandpa.
Hmm jalebis came good eh?

moon said...

Hey it is an universal law for females, never to drive with your hubby. wish you good luck for your driving tests.

Thomas Viruvelil said...

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