Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Ramblings

Ok People, I have a confession. I`m just too lazy to take up tags because it makes me think! :) But this particular one was too interesting to pass up. For once, its a COMPLETELY HONEST unveiling of self, on a public forum. So here goes :

DeeplyDip, Amrita, Serendipity
Have tagged me on this.The rules for this tag states that you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.I havent chosen anyone because almost everyone has already done it. If you are reading this and you havent, please go ahead and do it. Its awesome fun!

Here are 25 random things about me:

1. I am judgmental of others. Hence, I believe others to be judgmental of me.

2.I cannot sit still at one place for more than a few minutes! That is so not me. I get restless and fidgety if I have to sit still for long - no matter where I am...!! Could be at a coffee shop or at someone`s place. Or even during a 4-hours long test!

3.I hate to experiment. I like to stick to the usual! Be it a meal,a hairstyle,a grocery store, an icecream flavour or a pair of jeans.

4.I worry to pathological proportions, when I have to travel. I want to reach the airport 3 hours in advance, so I`m there when the previous flight is boarding! Standing in long lines at security check, cursing the traffic and wondering if I`m going to make it, is so not my deal!

5. I cant hold onto one train of thought for long. I switch between topics in a conversation and most people dont follow the track.

6. Which explains why I`m a bad listener. I`m always waiting for my turn to speak.I never listen carefully enough.

7. I never say no to dessert. Never ever! (Nancy, are you reading this?!)

8.I was nicknamed 'Gubba'(short for gubbara,read balloon!) in college. Nope, that`s not the weird part. The weird part is that I still continue to sulk about it!

9. I love Enid Blyton books. All of them. I read and reread them even now.(Nancy???!!)

10. I have read 'Anne of Green Gables' almost 50 times! And I still love it.

11. I own a total of three pairs of shoes,two bags(one of which is a very trendy backpack!) and one lipstick. I dont like strappy or heeled sandals. I`m totally a sneakers person. I dont ever do make-up.
* the reason it crossed my mind to include this, is because,going by the different blogs I`ve come across,I`ve realized I`m an ectopic character in this regard!*

12. It takes me a maximum of 5 minutes to get dressed. Formal parties/interviews/baseball games or a movie - No Exception. Five minutes is all I`m willing to invest!

13. I look like a typical Bengali Auntyji - sindoor, 'shakha pola' et al! This is another of those things I`m scared to experiment with! :)
*white bangles made from conch shells and red ones made from acrylic — Married bengali women are 'required by tradition' to wear it as a symbol for marriage, though many dont anymore*

13. I detest physical exercise of any kind. I dont like eating healthy.(Sunshine Gal??)

14. I hate long,random chats on the telephone. No, no, you probably dont get it. I really hate to talk on the telephone,unless its urgent. The only person I ever call up on my own,is my sister(and The G when I am away!). Other than that, I`m bad at taking calls and returning them.

15. I have never had a professional manicure done.

16. I am a music person. I`ve grown up on music. I`ve learnt music for more than 12 years. But I cant remember lyrics. Never ever. Neither do I remember the artists or the albums(Lets call me A??!!)

17. I feel that people who wear glasses are the cool,intellectual kinds!(lets Call Me A???)
Incidentally/Co-incidentally both me and The G wear glasses!

18. The one thing I`m most proud of is that my Dad had a band of his own in college. They still get together on weekends for jam sessions.

19.The G is the only one who knows how insecure a person I am. I am mortally scared of rejection. I am scared to meet and interact with people. When I was in Kolkata this time, I had the oppurtunity to meet up with a few blogger friends,but I let it pass. I was scared of what they might think of me if they see me.

20. I have a fiery temperament at home. Mom, Dad, Sis and The G are the only ones who`ve seen it.

21. I am a racist at heart. "Religious/Social/Nationality-wise" Racist.

22.In the second year of Med School(Pathology viva), I learnt that You can get by on charm for about 15 minutes. After that, you'd better know something.

23. I seriously believe that I suffer from a Histrionic Personality Disorder(Sunshine Gal??). I still throw tantrums at home, which I believe, is a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval.

24.After I met The G, I learnt that two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different. And I have known that to be a beautiful experience.

25. And finally, I`m scared to be me. I hide behind a veneer of arrogance and pride. Very few people in the world actually like me.


Anonymous said...

Mishy, Loved your tag.

I used to consider specs cool too till I had them and looked like a nerd in school.

Gubbara..sho cute.

How are you feeling now?

Racist? Really?

LOL @22

Fram Actual said...

Piper, I will decline your very kind invitation to participate in this experiment on the grounds that I might incriminate myself. It was fun reading about you, though, and I will admit that I am the same way about telephones.

Sunshine said...

hii! wow that was really insightful! i realized that even tho ive been reading your blog for a while i dont know much about you...this tag made sure i knew a little bit more! :)

#3: me too! tried and tested always works for me.. :)

#5: yea i have that habit of wandering off as well...very few people can keep up!

#7: i dont either! ref back to me never being able to eat anything healthy!!

#10: ohhh i love that book!!

#12: i love getting dressed and dolled up but i take a max of 15 matter the occasion...

#15: i hvnt either...tho i really wanna get one done some time...

#20: ditto! only some ppl are allowed to see me talk back and be rude...

#23: ahh so thats wt its def suffering from that!


Renu said...

1,3,7,9, too:)

17....So I am also cool and intellectual:)


Reflections said...

Piper....loved ur tag.

Sheesh...u've expressed so many of my traits here

*I hate to experiment.
*I switch between topics in a conversation....:-D
*I love Anne of Green Gables too
*I own a total of three pairs of shoes,two bags(one of which is a very trendy backpack!) and one lipstick. I dont like strappy or heeled sandals.....I'm not going to list it out but lets just say I'm worse:-P
I was scared of what they might think of me if they see me....ditto

.....sheeesh piper lets meet. We've got so much to discuss;-D

Piper .. said...

Solilo: :) what you find 'sho cute', I seriously sulk over,even now!

Fram: yeah,I really detest talking on the phone. A lot of people get offended in the bargain. But then, that`s who I am.

Sunshine: hey, i didnt mean to say that you have HPD!! :) just that I throw tantrums too! :)

Renu: But you are cool and intellectual, and would be without the specs too! :)

Reflections: :) I told u we are similar! :) I love the way you go 'sheeeesh' - almost Utpal Dutt style,if you know what I mean! :) and yeah, we should meet sometime,though I dunno when that might be!

Serendipity said...

You did it!! lol :)

Had so many things to say but # 18 jus blew me away! Its so cool that your dad stilL Jams!! what does he play?

I am totally # 7. If u come down to Mumbai, will take u to a place called Theobroma - Greek for 'Food of the gods' :D

and this would effectivly squish # 19.
:) and don wrry bout the test scores, theres always another chance..

Amrita said...

hey even with the sindoor and sankha et al u can look like a rock star
i love the blend u kno with those teamed with spagetti tops

aint kidding some of my bong frns do wear it so....

and i till date loveeeeeeeeeee specs... never got them :( my eyesite is too good doc said :(
and i wud nt want to wear anti glare bla bla... either u have power and wear those else u dont ( power was pun intended :) )

and even i am a bit of a racist

loved the write up!

Spontaneous Mini said...

Heyy!! Even I have to complete this tag but will do once my rooms are ready. the house is such a chaos right now.
btw. I think I understand what u mean by racist. me is one too.
and I see many more similarities:-)

Gingerbread & Me said...

Hey there, this is my first time here and I loved your tag-post!!!
Identified with quite a few things you wrote - like hating phone calls, about insecurity, and loving Enid Blyton!!!
BTW, I wear specs and think I look stupidly nerdy in them..maybe its because I have had it forever and often wish I was perfectly sighted!!!!
All the same, it sometimes is fun to wear the nerd look.

Serendipity said...

You get somethign for this. Its at my blog. Hop over :D

SD said...

My Piper, you are so honest and sincere here. Love that.
You a racist? I cannot believe it really.
"And finally, I`m scared to be me. I hide behind a veneer of arrogance and pride. Very few people in the world actually like me. " why oh why say I. I think you are so sweet, really. As long as you like yourself, isn't that all that counts??

I doubt if I will ever meet up with my Blog friends ever either, too scared of being disliked. i am so fat, no sense of style etc etc. i completely am with you on that one.
I have never had a manicure done either.

And I am a bad listener too, always just wanna talk!! Its good people like us have blogs, so we can write, have our bit to say without interruptions isn't it.;) hehehehe.

Deeps said...

Piper...totally loved your tag.We have quite a few similaries between us.I hate experimenting too.yes yes even icecreams!
Even I stray from my topic of converstaions.
Music is a part of me too.I've learnt music for about 12years just like you.
Oh I'm a sucker for Enid Blytin books just like you!

I've been tagged too on the same theme and I can sense it its going to take ages to do that:(

Anonymous said...

u are a mad woman. that's all im gonna say!!! hehe u are so adorable, u bum. i like u despite ur 'arrogance'. :p

I cannot sit still at one place for more than a few minutes! That is so not me. I get restless and fidgety if I have to sit still for long!

I KNO! in fact i guessed that one thru our brief interaction hehe.

lol@bengali aunty .. sindoor i understand, what's the other thing?

Piper .. said...

Serendipity: He mainly plays the guitar and dabbles with the keyboard at times. Shall take you up on that offer next time I`m home! :)

Amrita : :) yeah i know what you`re talking about! But it gets a lil weird at the security checks. They have to check me separately because I`m not willing to take the bangles off! :)

Mini: you must! Want to knnow 'random' things about you too! :)

Miaow! : welcome to my blog!! :) If the profile picture is anything to go by, 'nerdy' wouldnt be the last word on my mind! :) I love your blog name btw :)

Goofy Mumma: Loved the way you go 'My Piper' :)
Well, believe it or not, I am a racist! :( Not something I`m proud of. But its there in me.
" As long as you like yourself, isn't that all that counts??" - sometimes, not always! :)

"so we can write, have our bit to say without interruptions isn't it.;) hehehehe." - Absolutely agree! :) :)

Deeps: Do it soon. Its actually fun.Looking fwd to knowing more about you :)

Roop: Well, what can I say? You seriously figured out I was restless while talking on the phone? :) :)
Shakha-Pola :these are white and red bangles which married bengali women 'need' to wear. Not many wear it though. You`ll pbly never see a woman wearing those here. But in Kolkata you might see moms and grandmoms wearing them! :) you get it now, I suppose :)

Spontaneous Mini said...

Hey! me wears pola nt the shankha thou. I lou red so thats the reason I wear it. the married woman sign just happens!
I will do the tag before we meet;-)
You dnt like talking on the ph? me neither. But when I do I can talk for hrs, esp. with close frens. we just dnt know how to say bye bye ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh that was so honest and beautiful. Just goes to show what a nice person you are, despite all that you say!!

Piper .. said...

Mini: I guess I wear it, more because I like the feeling of being married! :) And I cant talk for long on the telephone. I get restless! Really I do :)

writerzblock : thank you for such a sincere compliment,my friend :)

Mystic Margarita said...

Hey, where did my comment go? Looks like it didn't go through or post or something. You are such a wonderful, honest person - I can declare, with certainty, that most people will like you if you are yourself. And if someone doesn't, it's their loss, not yours. :)
Ditto on Enid Blyton, quick dressing, scared of rejection, and fiery temperament at home! :)

Another Kiran In NYC said...

we ARE different! But since you never say no to dessert either (like me) we are destined to be friends, atleast until after dessert:)

Rejection shmejection... after you get to a certain age, its all gravy.

I like the conch bangles, do you also wear the iron twisty bangle?

Piper .. said...

Mystic : Oh Mystic, you`re soooo good for my ego! :)And I knew we were similar! :) I could just tell..:)

Another Kiran in NYC: hey, I do wear the 'mandatory' iron bangle, but it isnt 'twisty' :) I love your 'its all gravy' And 'we are destined to be friends' quotes. Amen to that! :):)

Anonymous said...

Btw, Piper, did I take your perm before blogrolling you? If I didn't..oops..sorry!
Have a nice day!

D said...

I think I used to be a lot like you a few years ago. I've grown up a little since then or maybe I've just loosened up. Makes me a whole lot freer to be me.

RaisingT said...

hey piper.. I love your honesty .. wish i could read your blog more often.. but you know from nc that along with evrything else i'm back at studying too .. pheww..
anyway, i'm so like you in some things but i have a lot of shoes and bags :)

my space said...

Piper...we do share some traits..i love enid blytons, i too can NEVER say no to a dessert, i too wear specs(yipee..intellectual!!), i love music too..
and I hope to meet you someday..i don`t` think i am in the minority when i say i like you..

i love the red white bangles..

Piper .. said...

writerzblock: did I? :):)

D: yeahhh you`re back! How was Goa? And yes, I guess I have seen you evolve through you blog. You come across as a far more independant person now than before. I dunno..maybe I`m just imagining.

Raising T: I know! I`m so glad for you :) Are you having fun at the classes?

My Space: :) Thank you for such a generous comment :) yup, I like the bangles too. I dont know if I shall continue wearing them,when I start school. But then again,knowing me, I guess I shall :)

J P Joshi said...

"For once, its a COMPLETELY HONEST unveiling of self, on a public forum." Reading the post I do feel that you have lived up to the requirements of the tag.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I have read many of these '25 random' tags and I have to say that yours is the most honest I have ever read! Wow!

Shakha-pola? Wow! I wore them for the first year of my marriage. Now I wear them for any pujo.

And I am a typical Aquarian...I ramble and wander off in different directions when participating in a conversation.

I am mortally insecure too! Painfully shy and always, ALWAYS worried about what people will think about me!

Piper .. said...

JP Joshi Sir: I dunno whether the tag required complete honesty or not! But I tried to write a honest post :):) Some parts took a little guts to write, knowing there`ll be some friends and family reading this too.

MammaMia: :)My sister wears them only during pujo too. Actually I have been thinking about taking them off,when I start going to grad school. But then again, I dunno. I like wearing them.
You dont come across as 'painfully shy' :):) But then again, do I come across as a scared,insecure person?? Writing is so much better,isnt it? I love reading your stuff because your posts reflect how deeply you feel about certain issues.

Indyeah said...

like gm,mm and Jp sir have said already,this tag was the most Honest tag I have ever seen.I mean ever..
It was a really engrossing read..

Piper .. said...

Indyeah: heyy welcome to my space :) and thanks a lot for your generous comment :):)

Life Of A Domestic Diva said...

Piper - I love your blog and I think you're a wonderful person :-)I agree with the phone calls..can't seem to speak for long..unless it's with Dad or Nilendu(when I'm in Ind). I also lauuuu Enid Blyton books, but you already know that :-)I too like wearing shanka, pola, and sindoor(but the kids think I've hit my head and it's bleeding he he). But coming back to the main point, I lauuuuu you!! :-P

Piper .. said...

Domestic Diva: :):) This is the bestest compliment ever! :) Thank you so much for just making my day!

Unknown said...


Honest and entertaining.
I love the Enid Blytons too and BTW I wear glasses and do feel cool and intellectual :) without them I am simply BLIND :)

Piper .. said...

Chrysalis: I`ve never seen you wearing specs! Do you mean contacts? That`s one thing i`m mortally scared of :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Enjoyed reading this tag ... I am also totally a sneaker person :)

And in some ways I am
judgemental too .. some kind of people, prjudiced, cruel, narrow minded ... I find difficult to understand or accept ...

Anne of green gables is adorable ... and I love it to, though I have ben forced to read the series by my daughter who's read it thousands of times like you :)

As to being called Gubba, it sounds cute, and it better than what I have ben called

Anonymous said...

If you were nearby we would have bonded (though you must be much younger)

I am with you on 4, 9, 11 (almost same), 17 & 20

Never worn the shaka-pola, but have those iron bangles, ki jeno bole


Piper .. said...

IHM: :):) Thrilled and honored to see you here! Welcome :):) I dont think 'Gubba' is cute by any standards. Infact It continues to be quite a sore point even now.

Sandeepa: you are just so sweet! :) Well, I know we would have bonded. We do,infact!:):) And I shall always be grateful to you for making a good cook out of me!
And I guess you mean 'loha'. Most people wear 'loha badhano' but I wear the plain one. Mom in law says that`s the ritual in the family.

Poonam J said...

Hi...visited ur blog from my husbands...and donot agree when u say very few people like u...if this is what u say u r...i already like u, funny it is but i know we have alot in common...cheers, becaz i believe the world is abetter place, becaz of many like us.Luv.....

Piper .. said...

Poonam Mam: :):) Thank you so much for your most generous comments! I sincerely hope you visit again! :):)

Just call me 'A' said...

hey...lovely stuff and fun. I love the red and white bangles. I have a set too. I wear them sometimes but separately for style :). But I love the traditional feel it exude.
I like you even more after reading all this about you :)