Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine`s Day, People! We did it! :)

Ok Guys, I really should be studying for tomorrow`s test. But then again, Its Valentine`s Day! I need to raise a toast now, more than ever(even if its only 4 in the afternoon!)!!
Here`s Why:
For days I have been reading various debates about the efficacy of the Pink Chaddi Campaign. I am very excited about it, just like scores of women from all across the globe. However,there have been times when I confess, I have doubted the efficacy of such a campaign.
But today, when I heard the news on NPR on my way to The U, I knew for certain what a perfect thing this was.
We succeeded!
We, The Women of India, have managed to reduce The Moron(Pink Moron should I say?) to an object of ridicule GLOBALLY!!
I`m glad people didnt waste their precious time trying to think of more 'appropriate' ways to react to unscrupulous SOBs like Mr. Muthalik. I`m glad they retaliated in the language the SOBs would understand.
The following, I believe, define the true success of the campaign:

1. Mr. Muthalik has been reduced to an object of utter ridicule. Henceforth people across the world will know him as Mr. Pink Muthalik.

2. Other major religious fundamentalist groups have backed off. They`ve washed their hands off the Ram Sena, seeing the public outrage.

3. The campaign has managed to unite Thousands of men and women across the globe under one common cause. Liberty for All.
I do believe this is the biggest success of all.
(Since the last thousands of years,injustice to women has often been meted out at various levels. Some in more subtle forms than others. The reason why fighting against it is a herculean task is because its impossible to unite people on a common ground, before one can start fighting the war. Now that this job is done, I think we should make efforts to take this one step further. What do we next? Do we wait for a repetition of the Mangalore incident, to take our next step forward? Or do we plan to start making a difference now?

Anyway, here`s a link of all the news channels in the USA talking about the campaign.
I believe this to be the true marker of success.

1. BBC News
2. NPR
3. Fox News
4. NewYork Times

And before I raise a toast, here the clincher YOU MUST READ!


Happy Valentine`s Day, India! We are the Change we have been waiting for! :)
Here`s to Indian Women all over the World!
We rock, dont we?
*Piper flings the jacket on the bed and shoes in the air, while she does an excited jig around the room, shouting "We Did It! We Really Did It!!*


Mystic Margarita said...

Definitely a step in the right direction. :) At the very least, it raised awareness and got common people involved!

Just call me 'A' said...

i'm am doing a little jig too...and raising my glass in the air. yahoooooo...this is the beginning I hope

Just call me 'A' said...

and hey....All teh best for the exam...go kick it's butt ;)

SD said...

That really is encouraging!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! we did it Piper.

Happy Valentine's Day dear! :)

Fram Actual said...

Piper ....

Congratulations, on an achievement that means so much to you.

I use my blog for comic relief, and you use yours for a cause you believe in and for goals you wish to accomplish. It makes me happy there are people such as you.

Jira said...

That is indeed wonderful, mainly because of the fact that people have united and spoken up for a cause!

Good luck with the exam :)

Piper .. said...

Mystic: That`s right. I hope the whole thing doesnt die of. I really hope this is the beginning and not the end!

Just call me A: Thanks. I need all the wishes.

Goofy Mumma: Isnt it? :)

Solilo: :) To you too!

Fram: thank you :) and this is the first time I`ve ever written something for a good cause. I normally write more personal stuff.

Jira: yup, that`s what makes it so special! And thanks, I need it. As you can see, I have spent the major chunk of the day writing/commenting and reading other blogs instead of studying!

Indian Home Maker said...

What an inspiring write up!!!
We are the Change we have been waiting for! :)

A very Happy valentine's day to you .. yes it is a day to celebrate our Liberty ....

I am sure any other hoodlums will now think before behaving like this again.

Renu said...

Wish u all the best for your exam ! and a very happy valentime's day !

Reflections said...


p.s: what test?????

Piper .. said...

IHM: thanks! :) hope you have a great day too!

Renu : thank you Renu!

Reflections: TOEFL :( Need it to apply for a course this fall semester! GRE is next sat! :(

D said...

Like the line 'We are change we've been waiting for'. How apt. Cheers to us!

Deeps said...

Hey!heres a tag fr u.Do do it as and when you please.The post has somehow got all haywire and I'm not able to fix it.Pls bear with me.
Havent read this post of yours.Going out of town.will come bk n read peacefully:)
A very happy valentine's dayto you too,Piper!

moon said...

Oh yes, i think the campaign is a huge the way your prof reads you should be writing US EMLI? changed ur profession?

Piper .. said...

D: thanks! and yes, isnt it true?

Deeps: thanks for the tag! This is the 3rd one I`ve got and havent done :( I`m generally lazy about doing tabs! Thanks and you too have a great day!

Sunder: I am a doctor by virtue of education only. Not practicing anymore. One reason is that I`m too lazy to study for residency. Did start with the USMLE, but left it midway. Now I`m planning to join a course in Healthcare Administration. I need to take the TOEFL/GRE for that!

DeeplyDip said...

yes the campaign has been successful in getting the attention of all the media...which is fantastic...and i seriously believe it got this attention cos of the extreme "undignified" object as some people term it...
i was watching ndtv and they are showing that such incidents are happening all over now...but hopefully this campaign has created the awareness of how people detest such acts and that they will come forward united against such acts...

and now come over to my blog - there's a tag waiting for you...

PI said...

i wish the momentum would be carried forward. mangalore shouldn't EVER happen again.

moon said...

In one stroke you have saved many..hehehehehe..

SD said...

How did your exam go?

Piper .. said...

DeeplyDeep: Thanks for the tag, though I really dont know if i`ll be able to do it justice. You guys have already written everything beautifully, and far better than what I could ever express!

Pseudo intellectual: Ha! I love your name! :) And yes, that`s what I think too. We must take this forward.

Sunder : :) well, not too many people at home are happy about the change in career!

Goofy Mumma: the test was ok. Not as good as I would have wanted. But ok I guess! :)

Sunshine said...

haha some of the news articles are brilliant!

go chaddi-power! :D

Serendipity said...

Happy belated V'tines :)
How was the paper?!

J P Joshi said...

Your post reflects your feelings, and the sentiments of many. Echo the sentiments of all the other comments.

Piper .. said...

Sunshine: Arent they? Did you read the last one? That`s the best :)

Serendipity: Test was ok. Not as good as I would have liked. But atleast repeat nahi karna hoga! That`s something, right ? :) VDay was great! Dragged The G by his collar to watch a chick flick and then dinner afterwards! :) How was yours?

J P Joshi: Thank you Sir :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! We really can do it!! Hmm..that's something Obama can think about ;-))

I just wonder why people keep adding the 'Mr' prefix to Muthalik's name. He surely doesn't deserve that much respect!!

And good luck for the exam!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

I want to pub bharo to celebrate... why? Because I can and should always be able to without fear or favor.

Piper .. said...

Writerzblock: Doesnt Mr.Muthalik sound more sarcastic? I thought it did :)

Another Kiran in NYC: welcome to my blog! And well,I dont know how to respond to your comment. It really isnt about whether one goes to a pub or not. Its just about the gender inequality. Dont you think its unfair that men who visit pubs are NEVER questioned? That`s what the outrage is all about. 'Pub bharo' campaign is just a means to protest. Not literally requesting every woman to start frequenting pubs! :)

moon said...

Quite a natural reaction from your close the end of the day one should do what they like..

Sunshine said...

yep yep read that!! its amazing!! makes you actually believe in this stuff when you see positive results! :)

Serendipity said...

U have been tagged :)
see, this bees my valentines gift to you and all that :D:D