Thursday, May 3, 2007


This is a small note for my friend, without whom my stay here would not have been the same and my return more painful.
When I first met her, I was nervous as hell. The Goltin had made no bones about the fact that if I could not pass the test with her, it would be just too bad. Because she is not only The Goltin`s best friend; She`s his only family out here.
So here I was, waiting anxiously for her at a busy cross-road in Kolkata, wiping the sweat off my forehead with one hand and desperately trying to smoothen my unkempt hair with the other. Murphy`s Law at work! If something can go wrong, it will! Just when I needed to look my best, I had to have a bad hair day.
An understatment, I thought. Peering into an ATM glass door, I thought I could give Medusa a run for her money!! Muttering an abuse, i turned around to look for her and there she was. The cutest girl I`d seen in quite a while. We hit it off immediately. I stood there blabbering in all my nervousness and there she was, offering me a bottle of water to drink! Anyway, there was no looking back from that point onwards, I guess.. We got along famously.

She`s been a pillar of support throughout my stay here.

When The Goltin fell really ill and I didnt know what to do, She was there for me, calling me up a 100 times to make sure I was doing fine, advising me about how to go about things.

We`ve shared many a joke, laughed on many a gossip together.

She`s been around with a pep-talk or two always, even though she was herself going through an enormous upheaval of sorts.

And ofcourse, She`s been the most supportive and encouraging member of my `one-man blog fan club`!! Without her constant motivation, I wouldnt have been able to continue what I`ve always wanted to do..

The surprising part of it all, is that I havent spent more than two hours with her in person but I`ve grown extrememly fond of her in more ways than I can begin to explain.

You know, someone had once told me, not so long ago, that I`m just like her in more ways than one. Looking back, I can safely say that, this was one of the best compliments and the most-meant, of all those I`ve ever received in my life, coming from none other than her very husband! :-))

I cant begin to thank her enough. How do you thank someone who`s family to me?
But I would like to say just this much.

If ever you need a shoulder to lean on,
someone to talk to
or someone to simply share the silence with,
Turn around.
I`ll be two steps behind you..

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Reflections said...

Some people just walk into our lives & become part of it so glad u have a friend who u can rely on...they r so hard to find & it gets worse as we grow older:-))